Topbas Paratoner, with experience over 25 years, has been founded in 2015. It has developed fast with its high quality and principled work and become the brand people prefer in a short time providing the delivery of 1200 lightning rods in 2016, 6000 in 20167 and 3000 in the first quarter of 2018.

As Topbas Paratoner family, we are pretty assertive in the manufacturing sector with our experienced staff and extensive machinery. In addition to be economic, our products are manufactured using top quality materials thus do not harm the environment and human.

Our goal shall always be customer satisfaction. In line with this objective, our technological and resource investments show continuity and our products are presented for your service after all the necessary test and quality controls are completed.

Topbas Paratoner has become specialized in the parts we produce. Our facility equipped with the latest technology, have sufficient capacity to produce the parts our customers need. We have the ability to deliver your orders in the shortest amount of time with our machinery which we develop and renew continuously.

As a result of support provided by teamwork, Topbas Paratoner manufactures its products with the desired quality and functionality and provides goods and service with optimum price policy. The production machinery and the hardware we use get maintained periodically and always kept ready for use. Our production personnel conduct work with competence and responsibility.

Topbas Paratoner continues with its investments together with importance given to the latest technologies and training in order to provide continuity of product quality and meeting the changing requests of the customers.

Topbas Paratoner manufactures low cost and highly resistant products and in accordance with the customer requests and requirements and produces many lightning rod types primarily the ones below and subgroups.

Digital Lightning Rod

Manual Lightning Rod

Digital Lightning Rod Test Device

Manual Lightning Rod Test Device

Our firm analyzes customer requirements, synthesizes with technology and develops new systems.