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TOPBAS GRUP (Turkey) developed a robust lightning event counter. 6 digits non resettable electro mechanical display counter with the tetsing jack. The device is designed to count and record the lightning strikes captured by lightning protection systems such as ESE lightning rods, simple capturing rods and the cage method.

The lightning counter is necessary to determine whether the lightning rod received any lightning strikes.The counter is connected to the down conductor of the lightning arrester and therefore it detects the electromagnetic field caused by lightning discharge current, and it counts each strike and shows it by way of the number display.With the help of the lightning counter the customer can follow the number of lightning strikes arrested by your system. It does not require any additional power supply for its operation.

Striker X Lightning Event Counter

Display Model Electromechanical display (non re-settable)
Current Tested (10/350 µs) 100 kA
Start Sensitivity (8/20 µs) 1500 A
Current Sample Mode Inductive Probe (Built-in)
Indicator 6 digits
Operating temperature (oC) -20 ~ +85
Enclosure material Plastic
Degree of protection IP 67 (IEC 529)
Dimension of counter (cm) 16 (L) x 9 (W) x 6 (H)


• IP 67 rated enclosure suitable for external application.
• Ease of installation, Striker X can be retro-fitted to any lightning protection system.
• Non-intrusive and fast acting proximity circuit detects lightning transient currents.
• Non resettable electro-mechanical counter.
• Can be mounted at any location along the down conductor.


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