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To test the counting function of the lightning event counter / lightning strike counter, a battery operated impulse current emitting lightning counter tester is deisgned and developed by TOPBAS GRUP (Turkey)

This will ensure the customers that the counters are in working condition. When the push button is pressed, impulse current passes inside the counter and the counting gets increased thus confirming the proper functioning of the counter.

Operation of the lightning arrester
When rain clouds form at the top of the structure where the lightning rod is formed, the negative charges on the lower side of these formed clouds push the negative charges in the lightning rod and send them to the ground with copper wire. Subsequently, There is a single plus load at the end of the lightning rod. The plus loads remaining at the tip of the lightning rod also spew upward and neutralize the negative loads in the rain clouds. It prevents the lightning from falling by making it ineffective.


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